Juventus head coach Massimiliano Allegri says that having Christiano Ronaldo in the squad “is an advantage” ahead of Juventus clash with the Spanish football giants Athletico Madrid  in round of 16 , first leg clash of UEFA Champion league.

Ronaldo is one of the hottest property in the world of football and he is said to be one of the best player in the world of football and who had already won the champion trophy 5 time in his whole career with the Real Madrid before he joined the Italian heavyweights Juventus last year breaking his long tie with Real Madrid and this year Juventus is heavily relied on the Ronaldo for winning their first European crown after 1996 after facing many final and semifinals defeat.

Juventus head coach also added that this team should not only rely on Ronaldo for winning the champion league title this year but the other player in the team would have to bring their best in them and put strong performance as a team for the whole season if they have to win this competition.

Ronaldo has already scored 21 goals this season for the Juventus and though he is not looking in his prime but as he is quite a dangerous player who can pick up his form at any moment and perform well for his side and he also has able company in the form of player like Dybala who has also been in great form this season and has been very impressive and has played support role very good.

Allegri also said that he wouldn’t take a draw as result against the Athletico Madrid and he said that it is important to score goals and play attacking style of football bringing the home side under pressure and expects Ronaldo to perform well in this clash.