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25 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo °CR9° full presentation ! REAL MADRID ! (presentación)”

  1. this player is good
    bud messi is match better
    then cristiana gaynaldo
    bud he is a good player
    and what is this for video so ugly

  2. @anders892
    overrated player who scores many goals in PL because of easy defenedrs

    fuck him

  3. damm nobody has ever filled a stadium like that since pele,maradona,di stefano, johan cruyff, ronaldo,roberto carlos,

  4. @RealMadridCFBesser and he arrives to real madrid and barça win 2 consecutive leagues wow
    the best

  5. Ronaldo back to united instead of that pathetic club real madrid,

    – And i say that as a liverpool fan =)

  6. Ronaldo should have gone to Barca. Ronaldo and Messi as a partnership up front would be unstoppable

  7. @Refchef94 hey, you know that just hating someone makes him or her more popular or famous? Man if you hate him why did you watch this video? And he does not dive always, he gets hit cause in MY opinion, he is the best player and he is unstoppable. You gotta learn that opinions are not facts. If you are older than me, I’m 12, i feel sorry for you.

  8. FC Barcelona ! Mes que un club ! see my video on ” Ar7isS ”
    FC Barcelona # Dream Team of Pep Guardiola # Iniesta ¤ Messi ¤ Xavi #

  9. look..i hate Cristiano because his person.. I didn’t said he is bad in football..his skills are amazing..but.. Every match the same dives and the same arrogant person..look at messi..he skills are amazing too but he isnt’s arrogant..i really hate football for divers and shit like this..
    my opinion!

    sorry for my bad english xD

  10. @alquiora

    even barca fans whould do the same , if he comes to barca(ofcourse if barca has got any enough money for that)

  11. CR7 el mejor sin duda, no entiendo a las personas que lo odian o que le dice ¨gay¨
    Sin duda es mejor que messi

  12. allthough i don t understand what he s saying ( florentino ) but this so sick it looks like political shit or something like that and so much people camed to see 1 player whata shiti world we living in … im amezed

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