Cristiano Ronaldo 2008-2009

Music:Massari Ft. Vico – Adhere to My Lead. the tale far from season 2008-2009. Wish you like it please Subscribe,price And go away a comment what you think about the vid make sure you
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  2. @topSNfan WFT!!! fuck missi he is fucking 169 cm haha… RONALDO IS THE WORLD BEST FOOTBALL PLAYER 4EVER

  3. dream every day and enter a field that give my blood, dribbling to score, because I love football. I am Brazilian and not hide that I’m a fan of CR7 throws that he makes is an inspiration to me.

  4. Look, I know people think he’s a cocky little SOB and he has his haters, but lets be honest..what Cristano can do with a football is just…witchcraft. No other word for it. Take a look at that pass at 3.04 in this vidoe. How the hell?!?!

  5. I don’t especially like Ronaldo but the no-look pass at 3:04 is magical, absolutely magical.

  6. mashallah, great news brothers in islam, my heart was filled with light when i learned christiano ronaldo converted to islam bismillah’alahm nu’rui alhamdulilah!!! may he impregnate many western women and spread the love and beauty that is islam mashallah!

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