25 Replies to “Cristiano Ronaldo Best Moments ► (Skills,Dribblings,Speed,Goals)”

  1. Why do these people bring up Messi in the comments? Seriously, if you
    weren’t a 12 year old, you wouldnt be arguing on whether who’s better at
    football. This is a CR7 video. Not a “CR7 vs. Messi” video. When will
    people like this grow up and enjoy the sport of football whether it’s Messi
    or Ronaldo playing? If you want to go argue on who is better, then go watch
    one of those videos. Seriously, i’m 13 and i act more mature than half of
    the people who argue on stupid stuff like this.

  2. Ronaldo no doubt uses more “moves” and is more flashy than Messi, but is it
    really all that more effective? To be honest I sometimes have a hard time
    understanding why he does half of these moves and over complicates things
    when he doesn’t need to. Ronaldo tends to be more flashy than Messi but he
    is by far less effective than Messi is. Sorry to shit on your dreams CR7
    fans, but Lionel Messi is simply a better player. If Ronaldo could play
    without being a show off, maybe he would be better.

  3. This video is scary. Ronaldo is surely the Federer of football. The guy who
    can do anything with a ball !!

  4. Better than Messi hands down! No biast! My friend likes Messi the other
    Ronaldo and I have to say he is better and has better goals.

  5. s=what say about this player, he’s the king OF FOOT in his time in my mind.

  6. Before i come here ,, i was watching some of skills , dribbling , assists
    and goals of Messi !
    to be honest this is nothing compared to what messi does ,, CR7 is really
    normal but Messi is a phenomenon

  7. I bet no1 can beat ronaldo’ s skills not even messi or neymar thatz for

  8. Why do people care so much about Messi and Ronaldo? What about DiMaria ,
    Pele, Zlatan, Ramos, Puyol and Robben? ( Btw, DiMaria is underated)

  9. Dribbling:
    Messi – 10/10
    Ronaldo – 8/10

    Messi – 7/10
    Ronaldo – 9/10

    Passing/Assists/Team Play:
    Messi – 9/10
    Ronaldo – 6/10

    Messi – 7/10
    Ronaldo – 9/10

    Messi – 10/10
    Ronaldo – 6/10

    Messi – 7/10
    Ronaldo – 8/10

    Goal Scoring Technique + Chipping
    Messi: 10/10
    Ronaldo: 8/10

    Messi – 60/70
    Ronaldo – 54/70

    Without Considering Disipline:
    Messi – 50/60
    Ronaldo – 48/60

    Anyone disagree?

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