25 Replies to “Cristiano Ronaldo – Portugal | FIFA World Cup™ | 720p HD”

  1. both messi and ronaldo didnt do well in this world cup, but people need to realize that if it wasn’t for them, their teammates wouldn’t have scored half of the goals they did. As soon as ronaldo or messi get the ball, they draw four or five defenders right away. How are they supposed to score? scoring goals isnt the only important part.

  2. this nigga sucked in da world cup fuk even cuatemoc blanco a fat mexican peice of shit made a beter contribution to his team than this fagoot a mexican cummon wtf

  3. I feel sorry for Ronaldo He gets fouled 24/7 and stupid refs are blind and do nuttin about it. :@

  4. @zemanuel007 you’re a moron he wasn’t booed because he played well in the world cup he was booed because the fans thought he got rooney sent off in 2006.

  5. @shutupjustdoit Better then Rooney maybe, but better then Messi?? While Messi was working for his team, making the passes and the assists, Ronaldo was shooting from the halfway line and making useless dribbles and dives. Ronaldo did scored a goal and Messi didn’t but….

  6. Portugal didn’t win because C.Ronaldo plays in Spain so he didn’t want to jeapordize his popularity with Real Madrid. Remember 2006 when Portugal beat England. He had problems with Manchester United.

  7. he played very good at the world cup , but the only problem was he couldn’t score like he normal do’s .

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