25 Replies to “Cristiano Ronaldo – Respect (The Real Cristiano)”

  1. Ronald’s isn’t arrogant one bit they just say that because once he scores
    one goal he scores 3 more 

  2. YES cristiano are some arogant or jelling at the pitch, every one can be
    like that and cristiano ronaldo are one of them which could be more arogant
    easyer than other, but for that he isn´t a bad person. he may have do bad
    ting but he have proply do more good tinks, beacuse of that he are worlds
    best palyer. TANKS CR7 

  3. You can hate him as a player,but not as a person.Thats a very valuable
    lesson i learned

  4. Some people may think this is a cheap media stunt, but it’s way better he
    does those than doesn’t. And he is well aware that he can help change
    people lives.
    Big hearted of a personality who is so chased down by media etc.

  5. What The F***?!? who the hell DISLIKE this video? If you just want to
    dislike it , don’nt ever watch the video

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