Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi | 2009/2010 ● All Skills & Goals ● HD | By ZeroNyster

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25 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi | 2009/2010 ● All Skills & Goals ● HD | By ZeroNyster”

  1. Ronaldo is the best but Messi is still good

    And does any1 know where you can get those yellow nike cleats that ronaldo has

  2. @Vetz201 hell no.. ronaldo in manchester was overated like other players in the english prmeier league.. droghba, torres lampard, gerrard ect

  3. i like messi better.
    Ronaldo looks too good,and because of that he’s like this ego-maniac player.
    on the other hand messi doesnt look the best,but he plays with heart,and i like that.

  4. @BMWMPOWER5 I wont decline that. When he was in Manchester, he was phenomenal. One level above Messi. That’s what you get for going after the money…

  5. @Vetz201 Real Madrid killed his career as they do to many other world class players if he stayed in England he would be playing much better than Messi

  6. all the statistic show that messi is better. Ronaldo needs penalties to be close to messi. And to all who says messi relies on the barca team its actually ronaldo who relies on the madrid team. look how many tap ins he has scored. Ronaldo is scoring because of madrid but barcelona is scoring because of messi. Simples

  7. messi proves that u don’t need to kick the ball with power, but with good accuracy as messi does.

  8. @AGOLunar cristiano sucked 2. messi was good he just had bad luck scoring. either the ball hit post or the goalie did an awesome save

  9. I think the obvious differnce is that Messi immediately thinks about the team when he gets the ball, he will try his best to loose the defenders as quick as possible then either make a killer pass or have a shot at goal. Ronaldo though will get the ball and think how could I look better than Messi, try something really outrageous it won’t come off, he;ll loose the ball and look a tit. Thats why Messi is and always will be better, he is a team player, Ronaldo plays for himself

  10. @AGOLunar We also saw how “good” Ronaldo was in the Clasico. 5-0. Did Ronaldo even touch the ball?

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  12. @MJfanNumber11 fuck you i know better about football than you ever will dumb ass and i’m not american you stupid fuck. And stop talking shit about america because america is richer and more powerful than your country. south american football is the best type of football, ronaldo is a less talented version of ranaldinho cuz he doesn’t have the south american swagger that pele, ronaldo de lima,ronaldinho,maradona,messi, romario has. you suck dick for a big mac,stop fucking your 5 year old sister

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