25 thoughts on “The Best Of Cristiano Ronaldo – Manchester United 2003 – 2009”

  1. @artfoolman I’m not saying that he doesn’t has talent. He’s very good, but still, I have a hard time believing that he’ll come anywhere close to Ronaldo. Tho I enjoy that Nani uses his skills during games, it’s a pleasure to watch.

  2. @jockebrisen thats why i said fairly well. and u cant say Nani doesnt have some good talent.

  3. I fuckin miss the guy soo bloody much United would be UNSTOPPABLE atm if he was here he would have stopped our only 2 league losses this year with his ability to make something out of nothing although 80 MILLION is great financial business

  4. @ItziRonaldo Modern time, yea sure I agree. Of all times? Njeeh, not a chance. Even tho he’s good, you can’t compare him to players like Zidane, Pele, Rivaldo. Even Ronaldinho, at his prime, is untouchable for this guy. Atleast that’s my opinion.

  5. @artfoolman I doubt that you can compare those two. Nani will never be anything close to Ronaldo. 50~ goals in one season says it all.

  6. @sma6572 I’d say people dislike him because of his style on the pitch without the ball. Many times you can see him just stop, turning his head towards the ref because he wants a freekick. That’s the biggest reason people dislike him I’d say.
    I absolutely love his style, except when he looses his ball, on that I hate him.

  7. i miss watching ronaldo on man u, talk about an amazing player with some amazing talent, id have to say that Nani is coming up in his place fairly well though.

  8. i watch this and i still dont understand why ppl hate on ronaldo…RONALDO IS BETTER THAN MESSI PPL ACCEPT THAT SHIT AND MOVE ON!

  9. es una mentira, juega para las camaras, lo unico que sabe hacer es correr y hacer la bicicleta, y debes en cuando emboca un tiro libre, pero hay miles de jugadores mejores y que no se maquillan para salir a una cancha

  10. even though he i might be annoyed becuase i support man yo there is no denieing that is is a phenominal football player

  11. The 13 dislikes are from Messi fanboys. Why can’t some people accept that they are both amazing!

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