25 Replies to “Cristiano Ronaldo – Meet and Greet [FULL] PES 2013”

  1. you know what hes said about drribling INTO the defenders.THATS WHAT IV BEEN SAYIING TO ALL MY TEAMATES!!! but no… they dont listen.
    For fuck sake. Its obvious when you run into them they get intimidated and then you strafe left and fake and go right so you out drribled that player. Its simple.( if you have muscles)

  2. I would change from fifa 13 to pes 13 only this years pes just to meet and play with CR7 , best player ever seen in this century

  3. He is just such a talented football player! I m a big Messi fan, but for sure Cristiano is on the exactly same level as Messi!

  4. Can’t believe they are all remain calm when they meet cristiano. Like seriously? You meet cristiano fucking ronaldo and you just stand like that? Nope nope not for me

  5. like if fifa better then pes !!! please like !!! woii !!! like please !!!!

  6. yeah ahaha, he still is a boss with them, i can’t stand em, much pref my vapor

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