25 Replies to “Cristiano Ronaldo on Winning the FIFA Ballon d’Or”

  1. Messi got robbed. Ronaldo isn’t in the same class as Messi. Lol how does a
    Balon Dor player get eliminated by the USA is the group stages of the world
    cup. Ronaldo is an overrated player that gets most of his goals from tap
    ins and Penalties..

  2. I hate people said who is the best player between Lionel Messi and
    Christiano Ronaldo. For me, I like Messi and Ronaldo but I never think one
    of them is the best player in the world. For me, the best player in the
    world must can play as goalkeeper, defender, milfielder and forward, and
    they must play very well. That’s how the best player must be for me.

  3. Already has 26 goals. 10 more than Messi in La Liga. And it’s just half way
    through the season. Who knows what he might end up with

  4. I am so happy for Cristiano Ronaldo. He definitely deserved the Ballon d’Or
    again this year. He had a spectacular 2014 year, filled with many great
    memories including winning La Decima! #CR7 

  5. Although Neuer is clearly the best player, ronaldo can have his undeserved
    award because Neuer has the greatest prize of all, the World Cup, something
    ronaldo will never get close to. 

  6. next season is going to be crazy. Ronaldo will be chasing Messi down for
    the Ballon d’Or and you bet Messi is going to try and brush him off his

  7. All 3 of them are amazing footballers, but haters, let’s keep things clear:
    Messi didn’t win ANYTHING this year. Messi was robbed? One could argue that
    way, yes. But on the same grounds that one would say that Messi was robbed
    this year (which he wasn’t; both Neuer and CR were ahead of him in trophies
    and performances), one must also say that Messi robbed Sneijder of his 2010
    Ballon d’Or. The man won a treble (Coppa Italia, Serie A AND UEFA Champions
    League), and also reached the finals of a WC where Messi’s Argentina was
    defeated 4-0 by a semi-finalist squad.

    I enjoy watching the game being played by such amazing players. Why do we
    always have to hear Messi die-hard fans or anti-Ronaldo folks everywhere we
    go? Why can’t you all just shut the fuck up and watch? Messi is great, but
    he didn’t win this year. If you insist in that Ronaldo didn’t deserve it, I
    should also insist that Messi should return his 2010 Ballon d’Or.

  8. Ronaldo deserved it more than any player. He has been unbelievable all
    throughout last year. It is a shame that not even one Atletico player made
    it to the best 11 players in the world. They had an amazing season, they at
    least deserved a recognition for that. Boateng also wasn’t even nominated.
    With defenders they had up there, it wasn’t hard to select the likes of
    Godin, Luis and Boateng. Also, Iniesta is up there for his name not how he
    played last year. Modric, Yaya Toure and Hazard were much much better than

  9. Many of you guys are just talking about Messi and Ronaldo. You seem to have
    completly forgotten what Manuel Neuer has achieved the last couple years. I
    mean he won the the world cup with Germany. That is the biggest thing you
    can achieve as a football player. He won many titles with Munich. I think
    its just the Messi and Ronaldo hype that is makes you not see the reality.

  10. People who debate about Messi being better than Ronaldo or Ronaldo being
    better than Messi aren’t true football fans. TRUE football fans are those
    who appreciate them both equally and are just happy that they get to see
    these two amazing players perform each week. 

  11. Dudes there is always a ying and yang. Messi and Ronaldo both are the best
    player of the world. It’s just like ying and yang, there are two versions
    of them, and they represent the two types of players.

  12. I love Messi and Ronaldo, but from my point of view Messi deserves the best
    player in the world – Congratulations to Cristiano Ronaldo – You are truly
    an amazing player xx

  13. Carried the name of a legend And made it his own. He will be regarded as
    the best ever by the end of his career. Ahead of Zidane Maradona Pele and

  14. cristiano has worked hard to get at this position and this has
    overshadowed messi who is also technically gifted but ……….i dnt knw

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