Cristiano Ronaldo – The Best Football Player – Tricks & Goals

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25 Replies to “Cristiano Ronaldo – The Best Football Player – Tricks & Goals”

  1. My dream and be a great and played futbol messi ronaldinho gaucho maradona skin oguem phenomenon and need whatever help I have much more ability to live in Brazil has little chance to boot me ne oguem a team in europe I naturalized my dream and play by spain and spain
    please help me proud my mother and my family and the world
    born in 1994 game and a half left centravante please contact itself may Hugs

  2. @Taunist If he fails alot that just means he’s pushing himself to make himself better

  3. @aznsky1987 every body can choos what he want on the shirt….like kaka….his real name is Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite…..and the family name of c.ronaldo is not ronaldo its dos Santos Aveiro… please don’t be stupid he wanted to take the name of ronaldo -.-

  4. @Elechtrro332 because the fifa want to print the family name on the shirt ? i mean … they print figo instead of lui too ^^ only korean got a special rule to print they first name cause the country got only 3 family name -.- and u will be confuse if 5 player have the name pak 😛

  5. @Elechtrro332 yeah its his fault when they parent gave him this name ? xD
    he is a good player … not as good as the brasilian ronaldo… but still a good player ^^

  6. ronaldo used to be awesum
    thats wen he was in man u
    now he is in real madrid
    which suks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. god in soccer—Ronaldo
    god in singing—Justin Bieber
    god in hip hop—michael jackson

  8. I hate c.ronaldo because he stole the name of the real legend RONALDO!! he is not ronaldo! he is c.ronaldo don’t forget the real legend!

  9. Bronko… Your an Fucking idiot.
    Go suck your pussy.

    Can’t you see that his the best player in the world.

    Try Suicide, It’s best for you 😉

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