Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsenal’s current coach Arsene Wenger seem to disagree over who should win the Ballon d’Or going by their statements. Wenger is known not to be a fan of world football

Early this year, the French tactician said he considers himself an ‘enemy’ of the world football’s topmost prize. Last week, he spoke against those who praised personal successes of players over team effort.

“We have seen many people only thinking about themselves because they are obsessed by Ballon d’Or and not by the team performance,” said Wenger.

The Emirates boss added that he believes that the game is one that involves collective effort of the players.

“… we live already in a world where everything is individualized. We want to respect what football is about, first and foremost about the team effort,” he said. The manager seems not to be impressed with the fact that Mesut Ozil missed out of the 30-man shortlist, but congratulated the player for his nomination for the France Football award.
On the other hand, Sir Alex Ferguson backed Cristiano Ronaldo to win the award this year.

“I can’t think of anyone better to lift the Ballon d’Or than Cristiano. His achievements are unsurpassed and he’s had a wonderful year, winning both the Champions League with Real Madrid and captaining Portugal in Euro 2016, where despite missing the final through injury he was on the sideline cheering on his teammates. Such was his desire to lift the trophy and it was wonderful to see,” Ferguson told Marca.

Ferguson went on to add that he was proud to have played a part in the career of Ronaldo:

“He was under my orders from 17 years of age and it allowed me to see his progression, but also understand what made him a star of that magnitude. There are players who are born great because of their natural talent but another essential ingredient, work ethic, is needed to become a complete player.”