25 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo”

  1. the amount of views is the amount of times ronaldo has took on a player and the amount of dislikes is the amount of times he has messed up a trick 😛

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  3. Cristiano Ronaldo best soccer player in the world he’s better then messi
    Es U MeLhOr!


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  5. pffff…well let’s say he’s a good runner, with a good hitting of ball, but sincerely he doesn’t have at all owt amazing skills with the ball !!!! ..

  6. @TheNewZlatan ronaldihno isnt good nemore..he has knee probs..messi is amazing i cant lie,zlatan has a big nose so hes out of the pic, rooney isnt nething without ronaldo giving him open nets to score in…top 3 for me ronaldo, messi, robben…take it in slut

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  8. @silvaportugal ronnaldinho,messi,zlatan,rooney?? so tht shitty diver is better than alll of them ay?

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