25 Replies to “Cristiano Ronaldo – | All Best ●Skills,Dribbles,Passes● In Madrid | Part 1 Video By Teo Cri™”

  1. “Ronaldo can’t dribble, Messi’s the best dribbler ever” – Messi funboys
    (not the real fans)

    *Watches a 27 minute video of Ronaldo dribbling like Messi and then adding

  2. Hard work beats talent thats why I believe he is better than messi…just
    my opinion :)

  3. Enjoy the King !! This is the 1st part with all his best skills,dribbles &
    passes in Real Madrid !! ;)

  4. CR7 embodies the spirit of Jogo Bonito: it isn’t enough for him to beat a
    defender he must embarrass him and entertain the crowd while he does it. I
    LOVE how Messi fanboys love to say that C.Ronaldo can’t dribble (at ~6’2)
    when there’s a litany of evidence that shows he’s not only a fantastic
    dribbler but a LEGENDARY one: close-control, heel flicks, double heel
    flicks, drag backs, stepovers, reverse stepovers, elastico, reverse
    elastico, 360’s, nutmegs, front pulls, ball-roll-stepover-heel flick
    combos, etc it’s INSANE the sheer variety of moves he’s got in his arsenal.
    Funny thing is he was actually a better dribbler/skiller when he was at
    United, which is SCARY considering this is an all-Madrid video. All this
    while surrounded by 2,3, 4, sometimes 5 players. Messi, despite his
    enormous gifts, can’t pull off a lot of these moves as they require a
    different kind of timing and proprioception. Second most skillful player of
    our generation after Ronaldinho imo. 

  5. Cristiano is way better to me because messi yeah he does tricks once and a
    while but he just uses speed to go through people if he didn’t have speed I
    bet he would suck

  6. Ronaldo is the best footballer on the planet, plus he is a better dribbler
    than Messi.

  7. …And they said he cant dribble LMAO, when he’s motivated he’s one of the
    best dribblers on earth. They also said he was getting old when he just
    turned 29 two months ago and Ibra is having his best season ever at 33.
    (“They” tend to be wrong a lot). C.Ronaldo is the phenomenon that happens
    when extraordinary natural talent meets extraordinary hard work: only
    player to have 50+Goals 4 straight seasons, Only player w./ 16 UCL goals in
    a season (which may never be broken), and on the verge to be the only
    player ever to win the golden boot in Europe 3 times in 2 leagues.

  8. <3 Love you dude!!! It's sick man, and this is just part 1!!! Can't wait
    for part 2.. you're a great editor, you always made me happy with ur
    videos, and the nicest thing is that EVERY FUCKIN VIDEO IS FANTASTIC!. Love
    you Teo Cri, hope you'll have lots of subscribers <3 I am so glad of being
    your subscriber, you're an amazing person, with so much creativity!! And I
    always put like before watch the vid, because I always know that you do
    some amazing videos <3 <3 <3 <3 God bless you mate, if you conitnue in this
    way, you're going to be one of the best in all youtube, probably better
    than HeilRJ or Rom7ooo. Mate, I simply love you (Not gay btw) :p Please
    keep doing videos, if you leave Youtube, I'll be crying all the day!!! :)
    Mate I really hope you enjoy these types of comments, except for the fact
    that I'm not even english, so my english pretty sucks.

    LOVE YOU <3 <3 <3 <3

    You're my cr7.Keep doing vidzz p'leaseee because you are fantastic, I
    really hope one day you'll be the best, at least the best cr7 editor EVER.
    Teo Cri, god bless you. I am just glad and proud of you!! Just being a your
    subscriber and watching your videos is something soo glad !!!!!!! <3 <3
    continue in this way.

  9. I don’t want to b a Hater, I love futbol with a passion love skillful
    players, but don’t buy into this guy, he’s a hard working athlete which
    making a good player but he doesn’t have the skills within too stiff not
    natural like real skillful players like REAL RONALDO, DINHO, MESSI,
    MARADONA Blatter was rite these players have rhythm when they play like
    dancing with the ball is all natural

  10. Ronaldo is really the epitome of the beautiful game. Talent, hard work and
    true passion for what he does. Such a shame that this man does not get the
    credit he deserves because he has to live in the shadow of another player,
    and history will remember Messi as the best of this era, a true injustice
    to sports. But to us Football fans, we will always remember Ronaldo as the
    beautiful player. Ronaldo, Viva Ronaldo!

  11. ronaldo is a great player no bout but i believe messi and even neymar can
    out dribble him (although neymar isnt in the same league atm) ronaldo is
    great but messi is the player that takes down whole teams with basic moves
    that does show how good a player he is. ronaldo though goes for so much
    flair that even in this video he loses the ball too often in comparison.
    still great player but dribble wise and probably shot wise (in my opinion)
    messi will outdo ronaldo

    plus ronaldos a nice guy ( i think ) but really he needs to stop crying
    after every match already

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