18 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo vs Ireland HD Friendly 11/06/2014”

  1. When you’re coming back from an injury you can’t play at 70% never mind
    100% and you could Deffinately see that in this game, just hope Ronaldo is
    100% by thursday because Portugal with a fully fit Ronaldo can win the
    world cup, but without him they won’t make it out of the group.

  2. Hey man why the hell Brazil vs Croatia World Cup Match Highlights video is
    not available for India ????

  3. He’s so much less fortunate than Messi in that the country he represents
    aren’t as good. I mean Argentina have Aguero, Higuain. Di Maria, lavezzi
    who are all world class players to take some of the pressure of messi in
    terms of an attacking sense. Whereas Portugal rely heavily in Ronaldo to
    score the goals because he’s their only world class forward.

  4. y ese es el mejor jugador del mundo??? Jajaja nooo me.parece estar viendo
    un Ronaldo de hace 4 años..haciendo nada, la.unica diferencia es q ya no
    modela tanto
    . :)

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