24 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo Freekick”

  1. That’s some mind control chiz right there, bro. You kick the ball in the
    air, and it magically swerves to the right. That’s crazy. Are you going to
    be starting tutorials soon?

  2. Hey On3United I was wondering if you have the new World Cup Messi shoes?
    Was wondering cause I might buy them if they are good!

  3. If you pause at exactly 1:13 you’re feet form a exact quadrilateral
    triangle, every angle is exactly 60 degrees. This triangle also represents
    the symbol that recognizes Illuminati. OneUnit3D is clearly a member of
    Illuminati meaning these knuckleballs are clearly fake. Lol this what
    people come up with to think its fake. Lol great knuckles man!

  4. Dude, you are the best free kick taker in the world…Legit you are
    probably amongst the best in the world including all the best players in
    the world. I know there’s something to be said about in game pressure and
    this and that but dude…what you do with that ball is on a next level. If
    its a real world cup ball (which i believe it is) ur amongst the best,
    because I don’t see any other players getting that kind of action on the
    ball. and also, ur pace is like, improving every video it seems. Not sure
    what happened but the past month or two the pace on the ball has picked up
    tremendously. Been a big fan for a while keep doing what u do, its scary
    how good you are becoming and how consistently you are hitting world class
    shots, ur a friggin cheat code when it comes to free kicks loll…

  5. The helium claim is so dumb cuz if he did the ball would dip less than it
    would with normal air.

  6. Please dont be mad at me if Im wrong but I think he is doing something with
    his footballs. Something like helium for example. But it is so weird
    because the ball dips so much that it is impossible that he pumps them with
    helium. Someone please explain this to me :)

  7. Your shots are unbelievable but for one video you should show us how you
    shoot with a normal ball. If you do not then that is ok but please state or
    present the fact that you do use helium balls. Lighter balls allow for more
    knuckle and bend and in essence you are “cheating” with all your shots. 

  8. Is it only me or did anyone notice that he is wearing a 11 number shorts? I
    mean number 7 Ronaldo okay, But with number 11 shorts , NOT COOL.

    Well, Pause at 1:07 , look at his shorts u will see the proof.

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