Cristiano Ronaldo with Soft Heart

Cristiano Ronaldo may look like a tough fellow from outside, but, behind that tough exterior of the man is a real soft heart and we get to see the glimpse of that softness every now and then.

The winger is always interested in contributing to the charities in whichever way he can and recently also he has done something for which he can only be given tremendous amount of respect.

There is an organisation in Portugal which picks up stray dogs in bad condition of their health from different parts of the country and provides them the medical treatment to save their lives.

That organisation, of late, had been lacking funds to continue their services. So, they got in touch with Ronaldo through one of his acquaintances with a polite enquiry if he could do anything for them and to their delight, they got a positive response from the player and that too immediately.

Ronaldo, as soon as he got the message, put his signature on a jersey of his and couriered it to the address of the organisation so that they could arrange an event for the auction of that jersey and get it sold for as high a price as they could and have the funds that they needed.

The chief of the organisation was absolutely humbled by this act of the Portuguese legend as he was quoted as saying, “So nice of Cristiano. I am short of words. I would like to convey our gratefulness to him on the behalf of each one of us. This is going to help us in a big way.”

“Yes, it took some time reaching us and that’s because of the courier service providers because they caused a little bit of a delay, but, we have it now and that’s what matters.”