Betting on Champions League final

It is expected that a record number of people will be placing bets on the Champions League final match between Juventus and Real Madrid.

It is believed that online betting will increase by more than 30% compared to that of the previous week.

Indeed the Champions League final is the most prestigious club competition and people from around the world will be following this match.

Betting companies are expecting a rise in the number of betting compared to last year given that there will be no major competition during the summer this time.

Online betting companies have tended to benefit from finals of a major cup competition. It is reported that for the FA Cup final game that saw Arsenal beat Chelsea the amount of online betting rose by 16%.

Elsewhere in South East Asia, illegal betting companies have also benefited from the increase activities for the Champions League final. Police report that they have arrested a number of people that were involved in illegal betting.

They said that each time there is a major competition there is an increase in the number of illegal gamblers and that the police is finding hard to cope with this activity. Indeed in countries such as China betting is an illegal activity and the police regularly arrest people.

However, with the advent of new technology, the police is finding it hard to stop these activities as the gamblers make use of online transfer payment to send their money and communicate through online messaging service.

A spokesperson said that the police will not stop until they see a decline in such activities and that they will be seeking the assistance of the payment processors to help them track illegal activities. He said that gambling is illegal and that the police will remain on the alert.