25 Replies to “Cristiano Ronaldo in “Housekeeping” (Full Video)”

  1. Whos this average looking – at best, woman? No wonder Cristiano doesnt take a look at him. CR7 is almost perfect: best goalscorer, best legs, tricks, header in the game right now. Best lookng, best abs, thighs, face, he just needs a new hair and a real fat ass brazilian to partner with, not some skinny read head russian ginat hoe.

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  3. @pinkhotgirl ur right i reaaailllyyy hate him! bt godd he’s some eye candyyy xD

  4. very arrogant, and didnt even look at the beautiful maid…not even asked her for the t-shirt… and was messing with the cushions…

  5. @xMARIPOSAS I know right? In the megan fox one, she actually talked to the room service guy! In this, it was like he was “too hot” to talk to her…he is hot though 🙂

  6. There should be a law to forbid him wearing clothing items!!! (while he is still this HOT of course hihihi!!)

  7. To keep his shirt off? She is clever-ish. But I seriously hope professional players don’t act so stuck up that they don’t bother to speak with their housekeeper to even ask “have you seen my shirt?”

  8. if you dont like him then
    why are haters here?
    I bet they like watching CR7 and then late comment that he’s a jerk

  9. @rosieronaldoferrer I totally agree-its a good minute and 30 seconds but its much too short!

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